Monday, June 18, 2012

A weekend review in photos...and an award ...for me....for running?!?!?

Happy belated Father's Day to all the dads out there.  Hope you had a nice time celebrating!

Right now I am trying to recover from what proved to be a very busy and fun weekend.  As I sit here typing, my hamstring and left glute are still mildly aching from all the running I tried to do - after my first week of speed work.  More on that in another post.  But, here, I have my weekend in review....starting at the tail end of the weekend's adventures.

Last night, we took the kids to their first run in the Neenah Summer Fun Run series.  This series of five races is solely for kids, completely sponsored and free and open to the public.  It's amazing!  I think this is our fourth year doing it, and the kids really look forward to the event.

Pre-race, E. and LG are all geared up to run their quarter-mile sprint.

Gathering at the start.  This is race one of two 'six-year-old and under' races.  There are also separate races for girls and boys 7 to 9, and 10-14.... There are HUNDREDS of kids who show up to these each weekend they are held.

 And they are off....It's hard to see, but E. is in the lead for a short bit.

E. coming around the bend.  She has a tendency (like me) to take walk breaks, so she was no longer in the lead, but I was impressed that she was still in the first wave of runners who came into the finish.  She is getting so big! 

LG wanted to run with Daddy, which I thought was sweet on Father's Day.  Apparently, he ran the whole way, and he definitely came into the finish strong!  

The real reason the kids like these pizza, cookies, fruit, and popsicles afterwards.  No wonder kids like running with all the junk they get to eat after race events!  :)

 Red, white, and blue popsicles allow the kids to show their patriotism.

Another big hit at the race is the "mountain." Luckily, Hubby likes hiking up there with them and then racing down.  I love the way they all start out together and then end up widely dispersed at the bottom.  Is that following the rules of physics or something?

I didn't run with the kids last night, as my hamstring and left glute were really bothering me....Looking back, there are several things that contributed to that - one being my attempt at a long run yesterday morning. I headed out for fifteen miles but only made it eleven before I had to do something I have NEVER done before, namely call Hubby for a ride home.  My hamstring and glute were bothering me throughout the run, and it was a slow slog through the heat anyway.  Normally, in a situation like this, I would just slow down even more or go to a run/walk.  I am not sure what made me make the call; I just knew that I didn't care enough to continue.  That is a first for me.  When I called, Hubby and the kids were in the middle of Wii Bowling.  After laughing a bit and then trying to make me feel better by saying it happens to all of us, I was told that they would finish their frame and then head out to collect me.  A quick Facebook update while I walked and waited, and there they were.  Yay!

The run wasn't a complete loss.... I took a couple of nice pictures at my halfway point - the same place we had had the fun run the week before....

I even finally got a picture of the toxic green algae...

Even at the halfway point, I knew I wasn't really into this long run.  Here's a picture of what I really wanted to be doing.  See all the sweat beaded on my brow?  It was only in the mid-70s, but it felt HOT. Must have been the sun.

So, what caused my long run blow-up?  (Aside from the soreness left over from my week's running?)  Well, this may have contributed... Date Night, a rare occurrence for Hubby and me.  We hit The Melting Pot for fondue (we had a gift card!). So, it's been decided that:

Too much cheese....

 Plus, too much chocolate and desserty items...

 Plus, too much wine....

Does not make for a good long run the next morning.  Did you already know that?  You learn something new everyday.

It does, however, make for a happy Average Runner while it lasted, though...

So, prior to date night, I decided I am pretty pathetic.  I went to put on these gem of high heels that I haven't worn in forever (I don't really wear heels anymore), and I decided that they were WAY too uncomfortable.  So, then I decided I would wear the Birkenstocks until we got to the restaurant.  We were still on the road, however, when I decided screw it - once again comfort trumps fashion.  As Hubby pointed out, we're not that cool anyway.  Might as well enjoy ourselves instead of being uncomfortable.  Sad, I know, but true.  Oh well.

I would have worn my strappy but comfortable sandals, but they had gotten soaked earlier in the day when we stood for five hours (also possibly a contributing factor to the soreness I experienced running) while working our running club's water station at the High Cliff Triathlon.

Triathlete running through our station as the deluge came down.  I retreated to the safety of shelter and selfishly decided the runners could grab their own gel packets for a few minutes. (Sorry!  But the rain was coming down sideways!)

Here I am actually doing my job...Hammer gel anyone?  As LG proclaimed as he helped sell the gel packs - "Hammer Gel! It makes you speedy fast!"  Only a four-year-old could get away with that.  If I had said it, I would have been flipped off no doubt.  

LG and E. did a fantastic job hawking gels, but then at some point, they found they liked working at the orange slice and cookie table more.  I wonder why?

Anyway, working at the water station was a blast again.  We've done this for several years, and as the kids get older, it gets more enjoyable.  They work really hard doing this event.  I am so proud of them.  Afterwards we treat ourselves to beer (not the kids!) and a cookout.

So, if you have stuck with me thus far as I have worked my way backwards through my weekend, here is a brief synopsis of how my weekend started....With the Kornerstone 5K on Friday evening.  This was a race put on by a friend's daughter as she tried to raise money for her school's community garden.  The race was a lot of fun.  It was a small crowd that showed up to run a local high school's cross-country course in the heat, but that was okay because it meant I got my first running award EVER - third place female .... OVERALL.  I was so geeked.  I realize I only got this because it was such a small group of runners. After all, I didn't even run my fastest 5K (by far!); the heat got to me and running on grass was tough.  But, I'll take it!  Woot!

Here's the shirt I still owe $3's nice to know the race director's mom....and the pair of socks I won getting third place.  Very cool.  I hope they have this race again next year.  I would like to improve on my time a bit.  Although, sadly, I am sure year two will draw a larger crowd, thus lowering my chances of placing again.  That's okay, though.... it's all about improving for myself. Right?

So, how was your weekend?  Any races? Any events? A good Father's Day?


  1. Congrats on third place!!! Socks are a great prize. Definitely more useful than a medal.

    Every single time we go to the Melting Pot (which is only twice), we come away wishing we weren't so gluttonously American. We are so stuffed that we want to vomit. But we hold it in because that junk is also expensive!:)

    What a cool event for the kids too! I love free.

    1. I know the feeling regarding the Melting Pot and that is why when we go now (which is about once every couple of years) we don't order an entree...just appetizer, salad, and dessert. Although if I am honest, I could just go for dessert. :-)

  2. Congrats on your 3rd place award! The kids look like they had just as much fun volunteering for the race as they did running their own. We still have yet to go to Melting Pot. Hope you guys enjoyed your date night!

    1. Thanks! It was totally unexpected (the award), and really undeserved, too, but I'll take it. The kids are all about running..... I guess they don't know any better since they have been doing these types of things since they could walk.

      Date night was great, although the Melting Pot is not my favorite. I have to say when we first got one, I thought for sure it would fold within a year. Well, many years later it is still going strong - so what do I know? lol Anyway, it is fun to go too, but a little too specialized for my taste. It's only so often I can eat fondue, you know? :)