Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Wanted: New music for Average Runner's playlist....HELP!

Recently, another runner asked me what was on my musical playlist, and I had to laugh.  Why?  Well, because I am not a music worshipper.  I just don't care about it as much as some.  

I know,... shock...gasp...but the truth is that, for the most part, I can take it or leave it .... and usually I leave it.  

There is music I like and music I don't like, but there is no soundtrack to my songs that come to mind because of certain memories, and no memories that come to mind because of certain songs.  I just was never one to attach my life's milestones and memorable moments to a song that happened to be on the radio at the time.  And, now that I am so busy with the kids and life in general, it has not been a high enough priority for me to seek out new music to keep things fresh.

Hubby helps keep me out of the dark abyss of complete musical cluelessness.  He has always been much more into it than me, but still when I hear people talking about music and what's hot today, I feel lost. My playlist is stuck in an endless loop of Green Day, The Killers, The White Stripes, The Raconteurs, The Clash, and The Decemberists.  (Obviously, I am partial to bands that have "The" in their name.)  

Clearly, I need help.

I do like music.  I DO!  And, I especially appreciate a good song when it pops up at the right moment. In fact, that happened during this past weekend's Bellin 10K when I was running through what felt like an oven.  I had stayed up way too late the night before and somehow I just wasn't dealing well with the conditions.  Just when my suffering was at its greatest the Fugazi song "Shut the Door" came on (Hubby had modified my playlist for his 100-miler)....There was something about the lyrics that made me laugh at the time....
She's not breathing  She's not moving  She's not coming back  I burn a fire to stay cool  I burn myself, I am the fuel  I never meant to be cruel 
It still makes me smile.... Man, it's funny how sometimes song lyrics just fit the moment even without intending to. :)

So, given the direction of my musical tastes, can anyone recommend any NEW music that might appeal?


  1. actually, I prefer downloading books or podcasts while running…although, I have not carried my ipod in almost a year LOL

    1. Ann, methinks you are too busy keeping people motivated to listen to music! :) I like the books and podcast idea, though. I can see that on long runs or during a marathon.

  2. So, I haven't run with music in a REALLY long time, but 2 that are constantly stuck in my head are Young the Giant's "My Body" and Foster the People's "Don't Stop" :)

    1. Bobbi, I take it you like these two songs that are stuck in your head. I'll have to check them out. I have to say that during one long run I ran without music I had two songs stuck in my head, too. Unfortunately, I could only recall one line from each. Drove me crazy. I was so happy when I got back to my car and could finally listen to the songs in their entirety - like having an itch scratched. lol

  3. I second 'My Body'. I rarely listen to music when I run, but when I do I tend to listen to soulful sounding female singers- Adele, Joss Stone, A Fine Frenzy, Ingrid Michaelson, Sara Bareilles and Nikka Costa. I have specific songs of theirs, too, that i like. I tend to go for slower ones.

    1. Soulful sounds good....I think the closest I have come to these is Kate Bush. I have listened to some of her stuff while running and enjoyed it. I will look these up. Thanks for the tips!

  4. Check out Phoenix (fun French band) and Gotye's latest!! I would suggest what I listen to on my runs on the treadmill, but I'd assume by what you've listed here it might be kinda heavy for ya...Breaking Benjamin and 30 Seconds to Mars are favorites.

    1. Thanks for the recommendations, Sarah! Does Phoenix sing in French or English? Either way, it sounds intriguing. :)

  5. Well I can give the “chewy center” of my motivation play list which I use for weights, running, chopping wood and just general fitness. I have no aspirations that you will want any of it but you never know.
    By the way I’m a big “Clash” fan from way back.
    Indestructible by Disturbed
    Bodies by Drowning Pool
    Step up by Drowning Pool
    Gasoline Dreams by OutKast
    Remember the Name by Fort Minor
    The Point of No Return by Immortal Technique
    Wait and Bleed by SlipKnot
    The Heretic Anthem by SlipKnot
    Spit it out by SlipKnot
    Duality by SlipKnot
    Scream by SlipKnot
    Omerta by Lamb of God
    Chop Suey by System of a Down
    Sabotage by Beasty Boys
    Coming undone by Korn

    1. Thanks, Terry...Some of these I am actually - surprisingly - familiar with, but there are a lot of titles I don't know. Can't wait to check them out!

  6. I have to listen to music when I am doing those long runs and forcing myself to run at a slow pace! :-) I like music that is not too heavy or that is slightly heavy with a lot of hooks. I usually don't recommend running music because it's such a personal thing, but here is what is on my running playlist now:

    Absolutely Still - Better Than Ezra
    End Transmission - AFI
    Secret Valentine - We the Kings
    How Far We've Come - Matchbox Twenty
    Impossible - Anberlin
    Everybody Talks - Neon Trees
    Headlights - Morning Parade
    Danny, Dakota, and the Wishing Well - A Silent Film
    Wishing Well - The Airborne Toxic Event
    Forget and Not Slow Down - Reliant K
    Walk - Foo Fighters
    The Adventure - Angels & Airwaves

    Hope that helps!
    I enjoy reading your blog BTW. :-)


    1. Hi Cathy! Thanks for stopping by! I am glad that you are enjoying reading the blog....It's nice to know that all my random ramblings aren't really that random after all. :) You're right, music is very personal. That being said, though, I am looking forward to trying the music that everyone recommended. It'll be fun! Thanks for stopping by again!

  7. Thanks, everyone, for your recommendations. I've enjoyed looking through them! Music is very subjective, I realize, but I am looking forward to checking these out to see if they work for me. (I am really surprised at how few I recognize! I know less about music than I thought!)

    Thanks again!