Friday, June 8, 2012

Pre-Race Indifference

I should be sleeping. I have a 10K run tomorrow that I was actually hoping to do well on, but somehow I don't feel like sleeping.

Mom and I after last year's Bellin.
Notice the fleece I am wearing?  Gotta
love Wisconsin weather.  Fleece will be
sidelined tomorrow. It's supposed to
be a high of 86 and already
in the 70s at the start.  Ah well.
I don't know how this race will go. I don't really care at this point.  It's going to be hot - and although the heat does not intimidate me mentally - I know it will affect me physically.  I don't really think this is going to be the right day to try for a PR.  Therefore, I have decided not to wear my watch tomorrow and just run by feel. I will have my music, as I know I will be racing alone.  (It's strange how you can be surrounded by almost 19,000 people and still be on your own.)  I will carry my own Gatorade, because I think the water stations will be jammed, and I will make it a point to run through every mister and sprinkler offered.  I'll cheer on the stragglers and strugglers and yell "good run" to those passing me - unless I am too caught up in the moment to notice them.

I just plan on coasting comfortably hard for the conditions and having a good time.

Afterwards, I'll hang out with my kids and Hubby at the park, chat with any friends I happen to see, and then drive home and go about my day.

Just another morning running a local race event.  Strangely, this makes me think of that way overused phrase "life is good."  Overused or not, life IS good, and one should not forget that.

Some pix from strawberry picking today....Obviously, I survived.  No big knee blowouts, but that wouldn't happen until tomorrow anyway.  I am cautiously optimistic that my little plan worked.  After going on and on about what I could possibly take to help ease my knee pain, I ended up nabbing one of my kids' art table stools.  It worked like a charm - got me low to the ground but seated, and it was light to carry and not too obnoxiously bulky.  I got some odd, supposed-to-be funny comments from fellow pickers, but so be it. Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, I didn't crouch for three hours picking berries.  Of course, my butt bones are sore from perching precariously on the small hard plastic surface for so long, but that's another story....

The kids had fun strawberry picking at least, and this was mostly after all for them.

Happy Running!


  1. Those pics had to be "before"! They aren't all RED!

    1. Actually, I think that WAS later in the strawberry picking process.... I just think as they get older, they get neater about it all. :)