Thursday, June 14, 2012

Haha! I fooled my body - briefly...Track recovery and other random thoughts...

I have read a few posts recently from other blogger friends that list out random things about that person.  I LOVE reading these posts for some reason.  Maybe because I usually come away with a little more insight on the person whose blog I am reading, or because it offers me the opportunity to learn a little bit more about some piece of running gear or nutrition that I didn't know.  One of these blogs even challenged me - the intrepid reader - to come up with my own list of five random things....So, I sat down to write this post, all excited like, and came up with the following:

big, huge, fat, BLANK

Seriously, I can't think of anything random about me that would be worth posting about.  Maybe it is the early hour; maybe I haven't had enough coffee.  So, I will have to noodle this over in my head and save that post for another day.

In the meantime, I'll fill you in on what you are all no doubt waiting to hear - and that is how am I recovering after my first track session?  Well, after the session Tuesday night, I felt pretty good.  (You can read about it here.)  A mere 12-hours later I got up and ran five miles with my running friends, which of course ends with coffee - YUM.

I really think my body didn't quite know what had hit it yesterday morning, so I decided to jump in and do my PT leg exercises which I haven't done regularly in several months.  That went well, too.  Around noon, however, my body did finally start to process everything. (Apparently, it's a little slow on the uptake.)  It was like everything caught up with it.  Suddenly, my hip flexors and quads, especially, were sore.  It wasn't a bad sore, just a tired sore - like I had enjoyed a good workout.  Which I had.

The yoga class I was planning to take yesterday afternoon suddenly seemed like too much, so I ended up skipping it.  That made me a bit sad, because if I don't go to my class on Wednesday afternoons, I will have a hard time fitting it in at all during the week.  So, while running errands yesterday, I picked up this little gem:

I hope that it's worth the $3 I ended up paying after taking off the Target gift card I had earned weeks earlier buying unearthly amounts of toilet paper and kleenex.  (I love those gift card offerings.  They get me every time!)  My hope is that if I can't make a yoga class all summer, this will at least give me a yoga option.  It offers two programs - one for relaxation and one for flexibility, both of which I can use.  Anyway, it seemed a better choice than the yoga for beginners, the pre-natal yoga, and yoga for mommies DVDs I saw.  We'll see!

In the meantime, I am foam rolling and softball rolling like crazy.

Foam rolling can be a bit of a challenge - what with Dog
thinking I want to play.
Yesterday, our running club hosted a fun run at a local park on the water.  And, nothing gets you more excited about a fun run at a local park on the water than seeing the front page of the local newspaper talking about toxic algae blooms, complete with photo taken at said park.  Ewwww.  Good thing we're not the local swimming club.  (I wonder if there even is one?)

If I were a good blogger, I would have gotten a picture of the toxic algae, instead all you get is runners.

Hubby joined the pack for the run - his second since his 100-miler and that seemed to go well.  I and the kids exercised our right to play at the park with friends.  Afterwards, we enjoyed veggie subs and ice cream sundaes.  Some of us enjoyed the ice cream more than others.

Nothing gets kids hooked on running like sugaring them up with a bunch of treats.  Positive association and all that. Anyway, a fun night by all.

Today, the plan is to do my 6K row - nice and easy.  I may also plug in my yoga DVD if there is time.  Finally, I am hoping to bike the kids to summer school today.  We'll see if they go for that.  Then it's errands, clean up time, and karate.  Isn't summer supposed to be relaxing? What's all this running around stuff?

Happy Running!


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  2. let us know how that dvd is…I have one of those famed Target cards for extraordinary amounts of…'products' and may need to try yoga again

    1. I should really make sure I'm signed in as 'me' before posting on your blog lol

    2. LOL - I will, Ann! I have high hopes for it....The back says the instructor is yoga teacher to super models and such, so it must be good. lol (Ahem....) Anyway, I'll let you know. Btw, don't you love the Target gift cards? What a scam, though....I have actually been lured away from favorite brands because of them. :)

  3. There's no foam rolling around our dogs because they think the foam roller is their toy!

    Hope you enjoy that yoga DVD!

    1. Weird, huh? As our dog gets older she isn't quite as obnoxious as she used to be, but she still takes every opportunity to roll with me that I give her. I actually don't mind too much. The funny part is that when I change directions, she'll often change with me. Anything for a good ear-scratching, I guess.