Friday, May 3, 2013

The Ice Age Cometh - 8 Days and the Weather Watch is ON

Eight days - 8! - until my 50K, and the weather watch is on!  So far things are looking a bit shaky, although it's really hard to tell at this point.  The projected high/low is 61/51, but there is a 40 percent chance of showers.  I realize this has no bearing on what the weather will really be on race day, at least not at this point - naturally.  I have already seen a couple of very disparate weather forecasts just in the two days since I started watching the 10-day, but for some reason I find it kind of fun to keep tabs.  Regardless of what the weather brings, I am not one to get too stressed about it.  It will be what it will be, and - even if I don't get it regarding every other part of my life - I am smart enough to realize I cannot control the weather.

So, how am I feeling?  Excited and nervous, certainly, but mainly just ready to get the ball rolling.  I find myself wishing the race were tomorrow instead of next week, even though I know I need those extra days of rest.

This week I am at 50 percent of peak mileage, and that is feeling good.  I ran five miles, including some trail miles, with friends on Wednesday and that was fun.  We kept the pace slow and walked the couple of hills there were, so it was a nice simulation of race day.  Yesterday, after meeting a friend for coffee, I decided to cram in a couple of quick miles.  Ideally, I would have tried to run closer to three, but I found myself in no rush to get to them.  Instead, I enjoyed a couple of hours sipping a mocha and talking with my friend, something I don't get to do too often. I almost felt like a grownup!  Of course, the talk turned to running and training and races, so I wasn't too surprised when I left the coffee shop feeling like I should go run.  I ended up doing two miles a bit faster than normal, because I needed to run - literally - to the bus stop to pick up LG.  Couldn't be late for that!  I even talked LG into running back home with me, or rather ahead of me.  He had no trouble racing ahead and "beating" mama home.  In my defense, though, I had already run close to two miles, and I was weighed down with his backpack and coat.  It was fun nonetheless, as I love seeing the kids take any interest in physical activity.

So, just another week of waiting.  I have one more 8-10 miler this weekend and then a couple of short three-milers planned during the week.  The kids are busy with soccer next week, and we have a club-sponsored fun run as well as a board meeting to attend, so there won't be any time to get too bored sitting around and waiting.

One big challenge this week will really be, with all the nights out, trying to stay on track nutritionally - eating healthfully and consciously.  That part won't be easy, but I will try.  I am also determined to get some good nights' sleep.  I have already been waking up at 6 a.m. (what I need to do race morning) for two weeks.  Well, by that I mean, of course, that my alarm has been going off at 6.  I am usually out of bed by 6:30 though!  This last week, though, I plan on getting myself actually up at 6, and for that to work I need to get to bed earlier.  I am really going to do that this week.  Yes.  I will.

Relay Follow Up

Because I had to bail early from the Run Away to the Bay relay, I wasn't able to get my finisher's medal until a few days ago.  Pretty cool, huh?  It's a combo medal-bottle opener.  I love it and think it's really clever.  I have to say though I am not sure what to do with it - hang it in my closet with the other medals or throw it in my kitchen gadget drawer.  Decisions, decisions.  Aside from the medal, we also got a cool car sticker, and running shoe-shaped chocolates (which have sadly already been eaten).  The wine glass I am super thrilled with because it is actually an AWARD!!!! That's right, people! My first running award E-V-E-R.  Just one more reason to LOVE relay teams.  They truly can carry you to victory - in this case, third place female masters.  Happy Running!


Saturday: 15.11 miles on the Run Away to the Bay relay team
Sunday: Rest
Monday: 3-mile run
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: 5-mile run
Thursday: 2-mile run
Friday: Rest

Total Mileage: 25 Miles


  1. It's pouring outside right now and looks like that we'll have more of the same for our 50K in the morning. I actually really like running in the rain, so I'm looking forward to it (as long as lightning is not in the mix!).

    1. lol...I like running in the rain, too, but can't say I would be too happy with 31 miles of it! Way to be positive, though!

  2. Good luck on the upcoming 50k!

    1. Thanks! I am going to need all the positive vibes I can get!