Friday, May 10, 2013

It Feels Like Ice Age

Tomorrow is the big day!  After much denial and now several weeks of over-the-top excitement, it is almost hard to believe that the wait for my ultra debut is almost over.  I debated whether to post anything here or not, as really I don't have too much more to say than WAHHAHAHA AGGHGHGHH!!!!  Did you get that?  So, rather than write the usual lively, witty, and eloquent prose you have no doubt gotten used to on this blog (sic), I thought I would just list a few random thoughts in no logical order:
  1. When I said in an earlier post The Ice Age Cometh, I didn't think I meant that literally, but that is how it feels.  The race seems to have been accompanied by a temperature-appropriate weather front, and it is downright chilly.  You would think since winter really just ended here about two weeks ago that this wouldn't be that big of a deal. However, you would be surprised how a couple of days over 70 degrees can really get you out of that frosty-aired frame of mind.  Walking around today in my fleece zip-up, literally shivering, I couldn't help but think how ironic this all is.
  2. Speaking of weather (well, we were, weren't we?), after spending the past nine days forecast watching and posting about it on my personal Facebook account (oh yes, I did), I am pleased to see that - complaining about cold aside (see bullet point 1) - that the high tomorrow will only be 59 degrees and the rain that kept bopping in and out of the forecast seems to be gone now.  It would be perfect running weather if it weren't for the high winds they are predicting.  Ah well, I hear trees offer decent protection from wind.  That is, unless they are getting blown down.  
  3. I am a little concerned about my left leg going into this race.  Ever since the 21-mile trail run it hasn't been too happy with me.  I think the IT band is irritated or something.  I had a massage on Wednesday, and she worked it a bit, and I have been rolling and icing.  I really don't know what to expect, but I am crossing fingers and hoping for the best.  I have two friends who recently have experienced IT band issues, so weirdly I am kind of hoping this really just boils down to sympathy pains or something.
  4. I am pleasantly surprised at how organized I am for this race.  Usually when I pack my stuff for a race, it looks like the contents of our house exploded.  Today, I sit here all packed up and the house is actually clean.  That's amazing.  Actually, it's a step above amazing; it's a flipping miracle.  Hubby should be happy that he won't have to come home to chaos today.
So, that's it.  No deep thoughts before this event, just a fervent wish to get the show on the road and have a good time with it - regardless of what happens.  I have no race goals beyond finishing before the cutoff.  Should be doable, right? Right?!?

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Happy Running!

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