Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

If there is such a thing as a perfect Mother's Day weekend, I think I am experiencing it.  There's nothing like setting a ginormous race goal for the day before, so that - if you accomplish it - you feel like a million bucks going into a day designed to make you feel like a million bucks. That's where I am at.  It's not even three hours into Mother's Day, and my kids have already made me cinnamon rolls and given me some awesome self-made gifts.

They have showered me with love and attention, because they just really seem to love any excuse to celebrate something.  (And, lucky for me, that something today is me.)  Being a person who loves to celebrate things, too, I just love that since becoming a mom there is just one more excuse to eat cake.  (Hopefully that comes later.)

Right now, I am still basking in the memories of yesterday's 50K finish - my first ultra!  I still can't wrap my brain around the fact that I ran five more miles than I have ever run before - and on a course that is a lot harder than most courses I have run. And, it's a good thing that the memories from yesterday are happy ones because that almost makes up for the fact that today my body feels like a train wreck.  Everything's sore.  Sleep last night was fleeting, because of all the aches and pains - and, weirdly, waking up feeling really hungry at about 3 a.m.  Perhaps, in hindsight, it might have been better to take a couple of Advil before bed, rather than try to self-medicate with three generous-sized, celebratory glasses of wine with Hubby after the kids went to bed.  Ah well, live and learn.

Anyway, I'll have a more complete race recap coming up in the next couple of days after I have had more time to process it - and when I have more time to write.

Happy Running!

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  1. I'm so proud of you Shannon!!! Congrats :)

    1. Thanks, Ann! It was such a fun trip down there and race. Glad we could share it!

  2. Hi Shannon. Great job! I tried to post over the weekend but for some odd reason I can't do it by mobile so I had to wait until I got to work. I thought about you Saturday. Proud of you! Hope your knee is doing okay. Happy Mother's Day!

    1. Thanks! Definitely starting to feel a bit better. Hoping another week of recovery will do me some good!