Friday, March 2, 2012

Rest Day Today ... Race Tomorrow

I don't really have much to talk about today, so on the off chance that you have stumbled upon my little blog for the first time, please feel free to scroll down to find some better Tales.  They're there.  They're just not here.

So, yesterday I decided I would sign up for one of those online training logs that I am always hearing about.  I chose Daily Mile mostly because of the fancy widget I could put up here.  It also seemed the most simple and straightforward to use (out of the two I actually compared.)  I think it will be a fun way to keep track of miles, although I won't retire my Excel spreadsheet quite yet.  I am really pretty new to the whole training log concept.  (The spreadsheet is only a month old!)  I have never kept one for any length of time.  I guess this is just another sign that I am getting more serious about this running thing.

Speaking of running, tomorrow is the Point Bock 5 Mile Run that I am signed up for.  Our running club is actually putting on a bus trip for it.  This is the second year we will have taken the bus down, and I am looking forward to it.  Last year, we had it pretty good: the bus parked right by the start line afforded us our own bathroom and a place to wait in heated comfort for the race to begin.  Of course, we only had the bus half full last year, so we had a lot of room to spread out.  This year, the bus is full, so I am curious to see if that really impacts the experience or not.  I am sure it will, but to what degree, who knows?

I never did really set a goal for the Point Bock.  I think I will settle for just a good steady run and hopefully feeling good afterwards.  I am taking today off and this has been a 70%-effort week, so there should be no excuses for not running harder.  With me, though, you never know.  I could wake up tomorrow and feel that there is a toe out of joint or something.

Of course, of greater concern than MY health is the health of the weather.  It's been a ridiculously mild winter this year - more days over 40 degrees than in the past four winters combined.  That being said, there is a snowstorm moving in and 4-7 inches of snow are predicted for our area overnight.  Nice.  I refuse to think about it until I wake up tomorrow morning.  I am assuming the bus will go regardless, but then are we going to be slogging through snow for the run?   Maybe I should take my snowshoes.

Results of yesterday's kitchen creativity:

The vinegar and salt kale chips were .... interesting.  Really, they don't taste too bad, but for the effort you put in, you sure don't get much.  The kids kind of liked them surprisingly, though.  LG said he didn't, but then he kept eating them. Finally, he admitted he "liked them a little."  E. ate them happily enough.

The molasses oatmeal cookies could just as well be called Cookie Dough cookies.  They really just taste like cookie dough.  They're not terrible, but definitely missing something in my opinion: raisins, chocolate chips, something.  Anyway, E. gobbled these up.  She snuck three before I caught on.  LG doesn't care for them, but that wasn't a surprise.  He is known for nibbling the add-ins out of cookies and leaving the cookie dough part.  I think I'll try them again, but I already have some ideas of how to modify them.

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