Friday, April 12, 2013

Winter is Still Here and Friday Roundup

Captain's log, stardate 66744.1.  

It's a strange planet we've landed on.  According to our records and local lore, seasonal temperatures and meteorological forecasting should reflect spring - a time of warming trends in the weather pattern and gentle, growth-promoting rains for the local flora. Instead, we have found nothing but icy conditions and persistent snowfall.  It's almost as if we've gone back in time....

Have I just outed myself as a nerd?  I still miss the fact that I cannot watch Star Trek.  Sigh.

So, this is the sight that greeted me today for my run.

In need of a short four-miler before heading to a meeting for our running club, I really wasn't sure which way to go....outdoors - treadmill - outdoors - treadmill?  I actually dressed for a run outside this morning but after discussing it with my two wise backseat sages on the way to school, mentally I opted for the treadmill.  Because, as the two sages said, I wouldn't want to slip before my race Sunday.  (Yes, my children may never learn to make a real living, but they will surely know the ins and outs of a runner's concerns.)  However, after dropping them off I decided I was already dressed for outdoor success, so I might as well suck it up and get to it.  Plus, after a friend texted me about how my last blog post had convinced her to take her run outside this morning rather than doing the treadmill, I thought it would be the epitome of wimpiness for me to hit the mill.

So, out I went, and it wasn't so bad.  The footing actually turned out to be pretty good, and the snowfall was pretty.  I ended up following the mapped route I had made up for Wednesday's club fun run.  I am not usually the map meister so this was my first foray into running cartography.  I didn't do too bad if I say so myself.  I did have to cut the run short, though, as I was running late (ba dum bum) for my meeting. So, in the end, I logged 3.45 miles.  But my average pace was 9:35 or so.  Not bad.

While out trekking through the snow, I decided that if nothing else the white stuff was good for one thing - footprint photographing.  I have had no fewer than three people advise me to do this, but for as long as this winter has lasted I have not remembered to do so.  So, today I did.  The idea is of course to see how your feet are landing.  I am not exactly sure what I am looking for, but I know things are not supposed to look like they are on a single line.

My prints are the ones front and center in the picture. See how I look like I am running on a
Here I am trying to not run on a balance beam, but as you can see I don't gain much.
One nice thing I came up with this winter were my SmartWool running sock mitts.  A great use for old socks - just cut off the heel, cut a small slit for your thumb and you are good to go in relative warming comfort.

Of course, speaking of SmartWool and the like, I am really hoping this is the last day for wearing this type of clothing.  As much as I like it, its time is past as far as I am concerned.

After getting home after the run and a latte badness at my morning meeting, I was really looking forward to some leftover homemade soup, so it was unfortunate that I accidentally gave LG my portion of soup while I ate his.  You'd think a person would notice this before they were done eating, but I didn't.  It's a good thing I made a huge blender full of smoothie to go along with it!

Spinach, baby kale, carrots, celery, kiwi, ginger, frozen mixed berries, frozen strawberries,
frozen pineapple, banana, cherry juice and water.

Saturday: 18-mile run
Sunday: 2-mile walk with Miss Dog
Monday: 60-minutes elliptical
Tuesday: Rest (core work)
Wednesday: Run/Walk 1 hour and 40 minutes
Thursday: Rest (core work)
Friday: 3.45 mile run

Total Mileage: About 32 miles

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  1. Star Trek "Into Darkness" will hit the theatres soon, then we can run to the theatre to see it!