Thursday, April 4, 2013

Spring Break and Star Wars

So after much buildup and anticipation we are two parts into the original Star Wars trilogy in our house, having last night stayed up a wee bit late to watch The Empire Strikes Back.  The kids are on spring break this week, and we are big enough geeks that watching these movies is actually a highlight of our break.

Of course, part of the beauty of finally watching Star Wars is that the actual viewing of these movies comes after much talk and anticipation.  With the kiddos only being seven-and-a-half and five-and-a-half, respectively, there was some discussion (from the older one, naturally) that these films might be too scary.  (LG had no qualms and has begged to watch them for a while.) And by some discussion, I mean endless litanies and dialogues on the topic.

Now, I had no reservations about them watching the original three films.  After all, I was about six or seven when Star Wars first came out and I know for a fact I saw it in the movie theater and survived.  However, Child #1 tends to build things up in her imagination to unmanageable proportions at times.  So, despite the facts - that her friends have seen the movies; she plays Lego Star Wars Wii regularly; she has read the books, and generally knows the entire storyline of all six movies better than I do - she really stalled on the actual viewing of the films.  No big deal.  Normally.  Except for the fact that I actually love the movies and all this talk about Star Wars over the past couple of weeks really made me want to watch them again.

So, this week, being a no-school week, I decided the time was now.  Much to Hubby's surprise I announced that for three nights running we were going to hold a screening of the original Star Wars Trilogy when he got home from work.  E. put up a vapid argument the first night saying she would be too scared, but we convinced her to watch 15 minutes and if she didn't like it we would turn it off.  After the movie ended (with nary a protest on her part), the verdict?  It was awesome, and she couldn't wait to watch part 2 last night.

And that, my friends, is how a nerd is born.

Considering the girl insisted on signing up for a Star Wars-themed summer school class already as well as Computer "Fun," I think her nerdy status was sealed a while ago, but this just finalizes the deal.

Of course, spring break hasn't been all about movies.  We've done some other things as well.  After receiving not one, not two, but four new sets of Legos from grandma and grandpa for Easter, the first three days of spring break were all about Legos.  In fact, too much so.  LG woke up at 6:10 two mornings in a row just so that he could build Legos.  And then he would spend six hours on them until I dragged him out the door to do something else.

Now that the Legos are all complete it has been a bit easier to do other things, so a nice walk at a local Nature Center got us out the door yesterday along with a picnic lunch and exploration in the center itself.  Today and tomorrow will hopefully be spent with friends and perhaps some more outdoor time.

It's nice to see the weather finally starting to warm up a bit around here.  I don't think we have seen 50 degrees yet, but after a long, cold winter, even the 40s start to feel balmy.

Happy Running!


  1. "Feel the Force", Little E :)
    From a fellow Nerd ;)

    1. LOL....seriously. We're having a lot of fun around here with it all. LG tends not to eat with his utensils, so another one is "Use the fork, LG." :)