Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Writer's Block and Door County Fall 50 Relay - Can't Wait!

I realized this morning I hadn't posted anything in a couple of days and thought I should rectify that before things get hectic again.

It's been crazy busy this week - in a fun stressful way - with running-related activities.  In my real life I write articles for two different running club newsletters, send out e-mails for our running club, and edit a paper version of the newsletter as well.  This week it seems like all of that has come due at once.  So, instead of blog writing, I am article writing.  Normally, I really enjoy the whole writing experience, but this week I have suffered something akin to writer's block.  So far, I have managed to squeeze out one of my articles, but it was a stretch and I wasn't too happy with the end result.  As one friend told me on Facebook, however, having one article being sub-par will make all my other articles look like "fabulous dipped in awesome!"  Doesn't she have a way with words?  I loved this line!

Anyway, fabulous dipped in awesome notwithstanding, I find that if I am supposed to be sitting down to write an article - or do any other work for that matter  - then I have to sit down and do it, not putz around on the computer.  So, that is what I have been trying to do this week so far - with mixed results as you can see, because really I should be working on something else right now!

So, aside from the articles and editing and e-mailing, I am also in charge of soliciting charities to help work at our club's training runs and updating our running club's brochure.  I really do enjoy working on all these projects (so don't think I am complaining, because I am not), it's just been hard to work them all into a schedule already busy with non-running related activities.

2012 Door County Fall 50

One thing that I am excited about  - that I did manage to accomplish - is I registered a team for this year's  Door County Fall 50 relay race.  I have done this event for four years now, and it's really a lot of fun.  After not even being sure I would do a team this year, I am now fully committed to Mama Bird and the Peepettes - an all-girls team made up mainly of my Wednesday morning running group's girl power contingent.  So far we are a four-person team with the possibility of a fifth.  Either way, it will be a ton of fun, and I foresee a lot of laughs that weekend.

The Door County Fall 50 is a fabulous race!  It starts out at the tip of the Door County peninsula and then wends its way 50 miles through scenic towns and backroads to the finish at Sturgeon Bay.  It really showcases the natural beauty of Northeast Wisconsin.  There are ten legs, so everybody usually takes on two, with the first half being fairly hilly and the second half more flat. There is awesome support along the course, a great halfway buffet, and a rockin' after party at the park at the finish with free pizza and beer and dancing and music.  It's really a great time.  

For those crazier than me (at least at this point), there is a solo category as well.  Hubby, a.k.a. Distance Dude, ran the Fall 50 solo two years ago.  It was his first ultra, and apparently it hooked him on the distance since he's now a committed (or should be) ultra fan.  Apparently, it's a pretty fast course as far as ultras go.  Last year's winner Zach Bitter won the solo division in 5:26:52, smashing course records, and - I believe - running the fastest 50-miler of the year. 

Hubby at the start of his solo adventure two years ago.
This year, Hubby will be running with a friend in the Pairs category.  Their plan is to bike their non-running legs, so that should be a fun twist for the guy who is always looking for new challenges.  

This race gets more and more popular every year.  So far this year, three days post registration opening,  the teams division is 61 percent filled and the solo category is 20 percent filled.  A great event!

Here are a few more pix from over the years:

Start line
Exchange point along the water
Approaching the finish
Finish line beer tent
Great shirt and bling medal for all participants
So, that's all for today.  Stay tuned for another great giveaway coming up courtesy of the good folks of Peak Performance Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine!  I am very excited about this one.  Details to follow.

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