Sunday, January 22, 2012

One run leads to another...

I am really heartened by the first run I tried on Friday at the indoor track of my gym.  It wasn't amazingly clear that all was well, but, honestly, after doing it, I feel none the worse for wear.

Friday's plan would have been the elliptical for a tempo-type run, but after being on the machine for 20 minutes, I decided it was time to test out the running gears.  So, I headed up to the indoor track and, listening to music, clutching my water bottle in one hand, and my cheap phone in the other hand (to read the time), I started running.  And I ran, walked, ran, walked, ran, walked, ran for 20 minutes.  Woohoo!  

I estimate I covered about two miles doing a modest run/walk.   My intervals consisted of five minutes of moderate running followed by one minute of s...l...o...w walking, repeat for 20 minutes.  While running I really tried to concentrate on my form: back straight, shoulders back, pelvis tilted, slight lean from the ankles out over the midfoot, and off.  Let gravity draw you forward; kick the energy back.  I tell you, after doing that for 20 minutes, I was tired.  Not so much from the physical effort as from the mental effort of trying to keep my form good.  

I think it paid off, though.  I finished the run and really didn't feel too bad.  I then followed the same protocol of stretching and icing as I had been for the cross-training.  The fallout has not been terrible.  Again, a little tenderness but nothing worse than what I have been feeling after cross-training, and certainly not nearly as bad as it felt after my power walk last Sunday.  There may be hope!  

The best thing, of course, was that I felt no sharp pains in my foot while running.  I ended up wearing my beat up New Balance WT101s.  While I consider these more of a trail shoe, I have worn them on the road before (even for a half marathon once!), and they are my favorite shoes. They are a neutral, minimal shoe, but they still have significant heel stacking.  On Friday they seemed to work out just fine.

Today, I am slated to do the elliptical again, but I think I'll add another run to the end and see if I can repeat the magic.  Today will be a bit different, though, in that I want to simulate a long run.  So, I am hoping to do at least an hour and fifteen minutes - if not an hour and a half - total (elliptical and running).  We'll see.

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