Saturday, March 12, 2016

You had one job, Mom...

...and you blew it.

Well, I have a crapload of guilt resting on my shoulders right now. Today was summer school sign up for the kiddos and I failed to get online at the opening bell, which of course means that everything is now filled. I know, I know. If you're like me, you probably think of summer school as punishment, being sentenced to weeks of remedial reading, writing, and math and other drudgery while staring out the window at sunshine and other kids playing and having fun.

Oh, so not so. My kids LOVE summer school. It starts mere days after regular school gets out for the summer and it involves many hours a day - at school - for many weeks. And, while they do have remedial reading, writing, and math for those who need it, what my kids look forward to are the arts and crafts classes, Star Wars-themed jedi training, theater, sports, cooking, gardening, games, you name it. Anything that would be remotely fun to a kid is offered. And. They. LOVE. It.

And. I. Missed. Signup.

By 45 minutes.

All the fun stuff was gone.

Oh, the guilt.

I am really not looking forward to breaking the news. Not to mention, now that they are NOT doing summer school as I have been planning for months and months (I even did have it on my calendar; how I missed it this morning, I'll never understand), I now have to scramble to figure out what they WILL be doing this summer. Luckily, we live in an active-minded community, so I am thinking between parkour, swim, karate camp, and more, we should come up with something. I just can't deal with that right now, though. Later.

So, besides all that, life is just hunky dory in an I-am-not-running kind of way. My husband is currently out running a 36-mile training run (yes, you read that right), and two friends are heading out to run some trails, and I am sitting here wondering when and if I will be able to run again. I do have that marathon in three weeks after all. Ugh. On the bright side, I at least do get my stitches out on Tuesday, so I am hoping to get more information then. I know the doctor said it would be iffy to run even after the stitches are out since the scar would only be at 15-percent strength, but I am hoping that if I tape the skin oh-so-carefully together that I might be able to get back at it.  I guess I'll know more in three days.

As for today, I can look back on a week that hasn't been that productive. After my good intentions for taking a second walk on Wednesday (since last I posted), I failed in that endeavor. Instead, I headed to our running club's fun run and took pictures for the event. Mostly, I just wanted the free wine that was part of the program. The run itself was fantastic with over 100 people turning out for it! Who would have thought. I think the venue was a little overwhelmed, but hopefully we made up for it in business. I just enjoyed socializing with my running friends, especially now that I am off of Facebook, the wine and pizza.

Thursday promised to be a bit of a bust exercise-wise, but I managed to crank out an hour on the rowing machine. I have to say since doing all the rock climbing in the gym rowing has definitely become a lot easier. Yesterday, instead of finding some sort of cross-training to do, I went out to breakfast with my neighbor and ate stuffed French toast and hashbrowns....probably counter productive to the whole exercise thing....but really darn delicious.

Happy Running!

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