Thursday, September 19, 2013

Running as Exercise?

I am always surprised when I hear someone say that they hate running but they do it for the exercise.



For me, I could completely say the opposite: I hate exercise but I do it for the running. There, I have said, and I feel so much better.

I thought of this today after a friend expressed seeming dismay to my lamentation that I should really start some strength training after I shared this on Facebook:

What? she said. You don't do strength or yoga? Not at all?  The answer was an unequivocal nope.

Well, maybe it was somewhat equivocal...I am constantly starting strength and yoga programs. But I am constantly stopping them too. They just don't keep my attention or capture my interest.  Truthfully, if it weren't for the fact that I feel they could help my running I wouldn't do them at all.  And, truthfully, if it weren't for the fact that running is kind of exercise in disguise, I probably wouldn't exercise at all.  At least not consistently.

I have to say I feel pretty darn lucky that I found a form of exercise that I can love. The fact that I don't really consider it exercise is just a bonus.  In fact, if someone were to ask me if I exercise at all, I would probably laugh it off and say no.  Oh, well, I might think to add, I guess I do run a bit.

So, if running isn't exercise, what is it?  Here is my short list of Running Is...

~ Meditation

~ Time with friends

~ Excuse to indulge in crazy coffee drinks

~ A confidence booster

~ A safe, non-destructive way to blow off steam or vent frustration or anger

~ A time to reflect on what I am grateful for

~ A means to spend time in nature

I am sure there are more, but I did say that this was my short list.  What does running do for you?


  1. YEs, exactly! Running is me time, sanity time, stress relief, joy and getting outside! Fun time!

    1. Where would we be without running, I wonder sometimes. :)

  2. Yeah I am with you. I hate exercise, but I love running. My bf always tells me to cross-train, but every morning I find myself putting on my running shoes and heading out the door for 11 miles of pure ecstasy. Good to know someone else out there no one else seems to get it.