Thursday, August 29, 2013

96 Percent Humidity...

...That is what the weatherman said this morning, and I have decided that is at least 30 percentage points too many.  When they say that the humidity level is hovering around the "oppressive" mark, one should really consider themselves forewarned.

These past two days now I have run in "oppressive" humidity.  And, while I like to give my running friends a hard time on Facebook if they say they are bailing because of it - postponing runs, using the treadmill, etc. - and while I like to say this is good for acclimation purposes, the truth is that running out in this weather just sucks.

I have been lucky in a way because this week is my second week of taper, so while I did want to get out there and run I didn't need a lot of miles.  Just four to five miles each day was on the plan. Even with such a modest schedule, though, I found myself wishing I could go shorter.  It's not that I was tired or worn out or not wanting to run, but the heat and humidity conspired to create a feeling of nausea both days that hit me later in the run both days.  Not a very pleasant feeling. Combine that with just a general feeling of blah and a flash flood of sweat poring from my skin, and really I just felt crummy.

Not a great picture, but it does show how sweat-inducing the weather was.
Oh well, it is done!  Two runs closer to race day! My last long-long run was done on this past Sunday, running the trails at High Cliff, and because I forgot my Cliff Blocks for the first two hours, it was an interesting experiment in running on empty.  What did I find? Mainly, that I like eating something every 45 minutes or so.  After about an hour and a half of the run, I could really feel the lack of food - mostly when we stopped to take a photo and then I started up again. I have to say I felt a little woozy.  It was probably just a blood sugar crash, but it was a weird feeling.  By the time we got back to the car at the two hour mark, I was fairly ravenous.  Instead of eating the blocks, I opted for the banana I had brought and a Kit's Organic bar (both originally intended for a post-run snack).  I needed real food.  After eating and slugging a bunch of Gu Brew, we headed back out for another half hour or so to finish up.  That was interesting, because while my tummy felt a bit funny for the first ten minutes or so - probably really needed to digest - after that I felt great! I could really feel the food hitting me. I had more energy, was happier, and generally ready to put a smile back on my face. So, the lesson learned here is twofold.

1) I do like having my Cliff Blocks every 45 minutes or so, and I don't foresee giving them up anytime soon.

2) I could possibly give up the blocks if I could find the right solid foods to eat.  Both the naner and bar I ate settled well and if I could find more foods like that, it might be a better way to go.  Time for more experimentation - after the marathon, of course.

And, since we're talking about food, here is what I had for lunch yesterday.  I don't know why I took a picture of it, but since I did, you get to see it!  Wish I had more of this for today!

Tofu, tomato and avocado sandwich with Veganaise and sprinkled with turmeric. Yes, I am weird.
And for further amusement, did you know they make all sorts of dog toys now with Star Wars themes?  My son insisted on buying this one yesterday, but luckily I was able to use my magical mom powers to say "no."  Ooh, I had to add an edit.... I just realized this looks a bit like the clip I saw from the Miley Cyrus debacle circling the Webnet now.  (And, no, I have not watched the performance beyond that clip and have no intention to.  Who cares?)

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