Monday, March 4, 2013

Finding Inspiration

Where do you find inspiration?

There are so many places you can find it if only you open your eyes and look.  And, more than just look, see.

I think, for myself, the hard part of finding inspiration is that I so rarely recognize it even when it is staring me in the face.  You see, despite all the gazillion Facebook things that are shared, I don't regularly find inspiration in words on a screen.  Sometimes, I do.  But not regularly.  I find inspiration in people.  And the best type of inspiration comes from myself.

I like to let my past successes - no matter how minor - fuel my future endeavors.

I keep mementoes of difficult races around my computer desk, so that when I am feeling a little down, I can just look up and see what has already been done.  They remind me that, although far from perfect, I am capable of accomplishment, if I set my mind to it.  I have several items set up to create a positive inspirational environment for myself: a medal from my latest marathon (that I wasn't sure I could do), two race bibs from difficult races, a picture with running friends, even a mousepad I had made up from a family mountain adventure.

My favorite, though, is probably this one:

I love this $6 poster I bought in Manitou Springs after successfully finishing the Pikes Peak Ascent Half Marathon a couple of years ago.  It reminds me that I can still do things that are amazing - at least to me.  And, after all, who else do I have to impress?  It might be cheesy, but I find it works.

So, what are you proud of in your past running life?  Do you have a memento of it sitting out in the open to remind you of it periodically?  If not, dig out that old medal or race bib.  Frame a picture you like and then put it out where you can see it often.  Let yourself be inspired by your own past accomplishments.  You can do amazing things if you set your mind to it!

Happy Running!


  1. I think completing Pike's makes you very, very, very non-average (just sayin'). ;)

    This is a neat idea. It never occurs to me to keep race mementos out...they always end up in a shoe box somewhere...

    1. LOL...On the contrary, I think finishing Pikes Peak says that even an average runner can do something like that. :)

  2. That's a really great poster. And I love that it lists the elevation.That is some serious climbing! I hang my medals by my bed, mostly because that's the only place they weren't in the way. But occasionally I look over and think, dang I did that!