Thursday, May 24, 2012

Finally, a training plan?

Source - This is how I know I am at least partially
crazy. I see pix like this and still think it's a
 good idea to sign up  for the event.
Well, I did it.... I finally came up with a training plan for the Jungfrau Marathon, which I'll be running at the end of the summer.  It was a bit hard coming up with something for a race of this nature, seeing as the first half will be on roads with a slight uphill grade and the second half will be on trails on a significant "upmountain" grade, but I did it.  I won't go into details yet, because I plan on running this by Distance Dude to get his take.

I can already see that he'll spot one element that is missing - the treadmill hill work, but I'll let him figure out where to shoehorn that into the schedule.  (I have an idea of where I would put it, but I want to see if he thinks that makes sense.)  In the meantime, I am pretty pleased with how I managed to fit in all the key elements I need, including allowing for a couple of mid-summer races,  all while having the kids off of school.  It ain't easy being a running mom....

My high-tech training plan in progress...
In fact, the only blips on the horizon that I can see have to do with how to fit in long runs on those few occasions we go out of town, but I guess I'll cross those bridges when I come to them.

The Week So Far

Workouts this week have started out well enough.  I am back to full distance/workout time, after two weeks of taking it relatively easy after the Half Marathon.  Both yoga classes have been great, and I've managed to ramp back up to six miles for my mid-week runs and 6K for my mid-week rows.  Tomorrow I am scheduled for another six-mile run, so we'll see how that goes... With the Little Guy's pre-school year coming to an end, I've had to get up early to fit in my workouts, and it is starting to take a toll.  Tomorrow's 5 a.m. wake-up call will not be easy.  At least living in the North, the sun rises before any sane person would be out of bed.  That makes the early reveille easier to take.

Totally Random - Food for Thought

Reading through a Facebook posting by Stern Magazine, I found this blog called Never Seconds that I think is brilliant.  It's so simple but really very intriguing to read through.  A primary school student in the UK is documenting her school lunch.  Simple, right?  I think I like it because it brings up all sorts of thoughts I have on the situation, especially now that E. has started grade school.  The cafeteria lunches leave something to be desired, and I am appalled by how "healthy food" looks a lot like the crap I "treat" my family to once in a while.  (Corn dogs? Really?) Anyway, E. has packed a lunch for all but one or two days all year.  Mostly, I think she is worried that on those rare occasions that they do offer a vegetarian option that they'll run out and she'd have to take the meat option.  To play it safe, she'd rather pack lunch in.  That's a far cry from LG who vacillates between announcing to anyone who will listen in restaurants, "Yuck, that's meat!" and bemoaning the fact that he can't try ham.  Why he's picked ham, I don't know.  Anyway, check it out if you are interested.


  1. That pic makes me want to do it!!! I also just heard about Pike's Peak Marathon and also The Ascent- both sound like a barrel of laughs. Oh the things we do to ourselves! Best of luck!!

    1. Pikes Peak is awesome!....Hubby and I did that last year. If you haven't read my account of it yet, check out my very first blog post called Moving Mountains. That was my ascent race cap. Seriously, it's worth doing, and I totally want to do it again! :)

  2. That race sounds, um, awful! :) But then again, I'm a complete wuss on hills.

    1. LOL - After Pikes Peak last year, hills don't phase me too much, but my plan is to run as fast as I can for the first half and then walk as much as needed for the second half. Judging by pictures I have seen - including the one above! - I think a lot of folks walk in that second half. :) Of course, maybe not this year. Apparently, the Jungfrau will be the world championships of mountain racing, so probably most people but me WILL be running it. :)

  3. This sounds like a pretty tough race but I'm sure you will do great if hills don't give you trouble. Have a great weekend Shannon!

  4. Good luck with the hills! I'd love to see your hill workouts for the treadmill. Even though we have tons of hills, I run inside the majority of the time and need some ideas!