Friday, February 24, 2012

No-Chocolate Challenge: Day 3

Just for fun, I thought I would record how this No-Chocolate Challenge goes.  So far, cravings are not bad, but I did pack leftover chocolate from Valentine's Day in the kids' lunch/snack bags today so I could get it out of the house.

One worry that I have started to have is that with chocolate off of the menu, will I start seeking out and perhaps developing a taste for non-chocolate sweets?  Although I am a chocoholic, my one saving grace is that I have never really had a sweet tooth for other items.  Candy, baked goods, pies, cakes, cookies?  If it didn't have chocolate, I wasn't that tempted.  With chocolate deprivation underway, though, to what extremes will I go?  And - gasp - what if I start liking these non-chocolate goodies?  Then, when chocolate is back on the menu, will I then have even more bad habits than when I started?  I guess I won't know for a while.  Three days down, Thirty-seven to go.

Day 2 had me already looking for alternative sweets (not good), but I made it hard on myself.  The result?  Homemade cinnamon bread.  Delicious!  No redeeming health value, but tasty!

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