Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Fashion Faux Pas

I realize I am not the most fashion-forward person in the world.  I mean, no one is going to look at me and wonder, hey, where did she get that stunning outfit? But, I like to think that no one ever looks at me and questions my hygiene either.  I do have certain standards after all. If you would have seen me yesterday, though, you might wonder.  When I took LG to his afternoon karate class yesterday wearing the same running clothes I had worn to run trails in earlier in the a.m. - and then subsequently mowed the lawn in - I think that qualifies as a new low for me.

Now, this was not exactly by my choice.  I had actually forgotten about the class.  In fact, it was only as I was making a snack and dreaming of the shower I would soon finally be able to take, that I happened to glance at the clock and realize that his class had just started.  Oops.  Bad mom moment.  Not too torn up about it, I was completely prepared to write off the class as a loss for the week, but as I apologized to LG for missing it, the look I received and the small little voice I heard say "But I like karate" were enough to spur me to action. 

So, that is why, two minutes later as we were peeling down the street (not really, I am too old-ladyish of a driver for that.  But, mentally I was peeling), having slapped together a jelly toast sandwich snack for LG and a PB&J toast snack for me, that the reality hit me in the form of a certain post-run, technical-gear odor that I was not really fit for polite company.  Crappola.  

We got to the Y fifteen minutes late.  LG, knowing we needed to hurry was actually motivated to dash out of the car and into the building without even his shoes on.  This is the boy, who at the best of times dawdle-walks everywhere.  So, harried and pathetic looking no doubt, I tore off down the hall after my little munchkin, carrying his shoes and karate belt in my hands, Birkenstocks on my own feet, and really looking like I was anything but in control.

If I was worried about how showing up late would have affected LG, I needn't have.  While I remember myself as a kid and how mortified I would have been to call such attention to myself, he marched right in there in his stocking feet, announced to the class "sorry we are late!" (where did he learn to be so polite?), and jumped right in.  I have to keep reminding myself that the boy is just not shy.  

So, in the end, LG was just happy to not miss the class, while I was for once totally embarrassed by my appearance.  Not only did I look ever so fetching in a running skirt, long sleeve tech shirt,  and knee high compression socks, I actually had trail dirt and mown grass clinging to my socks from the morning's activities, as well as the aforementioned eau de running hanging about my person. I had enough sense at least to sit as far away from the other moms as possible, but I am sure that only added to the aura of freakishness I was already giving off.  

Ah well, the trail run was worth it.  I ran with my running peeps along the trails of High Cliff State Park, and having the opportunity for one last peek at the fall colors before they are all blown away on the next wind made it worthwhile for me. Happy Running!


  1. LOL great story…although, it sounds normal to me!!! Surely, my high school kids must wonder when I will grow up and wear jeans again and not attend conferences and team dinners in running attire :)

    1. LOL...I think they would be proud to have a mom who is obviously so fit and hip! ;) Sadly, though, the running attire is pretty normal for me, too, just not the dirt and stink! That's what that deodorant in my bag is normally for! :) (And please don't tell me covering up the smell with deo doesn't work, because I'll just have to pretend I didn't hear that!) lol

  2. Haha - running clothes are so comfortable they can be hard to take off!
    If I was one of the other mums at the gym, I would have had instant respect for you and be dying to have a chat about running things!